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Types Of Slot Machines

Types Of Slot Machines

If someone hears the term “Casino”, in his mind immediately there are associations associated with card tables, table games and, of course, with slot machines. A specific atmosphere reigns in gambling establishments, inextricably linked with unprecedented excitement, heat of passion in anticipation of a big win. A bit of history The first slot machine appeared in 1897. The first device saw the light, thanks to an invention made by Charles August Fey, who was an auto mechanic by profession. The device had 3 coils and 5 pictures. They were started in motion by pressing a lever. This is where the name “One-armed bandit” came from.

 The device was so imperfect that it made it easy to cheat. For this reason, the winnings were limited to 50 cents. Of course, over time, slot machines have evolved and today have reached their perfection. What slot machines are there? In their development, slot machines have come a long and hard way. From primitive leverage designs, they have evolved into modern slot machines with a lot of winning opportunities. Modern slots have great graphics, excellent sound, increased number of reels and paylines. So, all slot machines can be divided into two large groups.

First group of slot machines

The first of them includes products with mechanical filling. Basically, they have three reels and 5 pay lines. In order to start the rotation of the reels, you must press the lever. Such devices are present in the gambling halls of land-based casinos. True, you can find them in online casinos, but it is at least incorrect to call them mechanical.

Second group

Types Of Slot Machines

The second group includes video slots, which appeared as a result of the improvement of mechanical slot machines. Such products fill the gambling halls of online casinos. Theatrical play action takes place on a computer monitor or laptop screen. In addition, many virtual playgrounds have a mobile version. This circumstance allows you to use games in a mobile application on some non-stationary gadget. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or some other device. At the same time, the player is not tied to a computer and can use his favorite gambling products anywhere. The National Lottery Gold Cup gives you access to the best video slots available today from any device.

Modern video slots are significantly ahead of their mechanical counterparts in all respects. For example, in online casinos you can play them for free using the demo version. Novice players who are not yet ready to take part in real money games are especially enthusiastic about this feature. Nobody will allow to play for free in land-based casinos.

On video slots, many games have bonus rounds, which are awarded to the most diligent and diligent players. Participation in the bonus round implies the possibility of additional earnings. In many games, all winnings during the bonus game are multiplied by a certain coefficient. It so happens that a gamer leaves the bonus game as a truly rich person.

In addition, video slots have special symbols that help the gambler in the formation of prize combinations. Wild replaces any other picture with the exception of the scatter, thus forming a winning chain.

Modern bitcoin slots

Modern bitcoin slots are characterized by the presence of high quality 3D graphics. The game is accompanied by excellent sound. Many games have good animation. Unlike classic one-armed bandits, bitcoin video slots often feature an increased number of reels, with a large number of paylines. Today you can find bitcoin slots with 6 or even 7 reels. This is no longer 3 reels and 5 lines, which is the case with the classic “one-armed bandits”.

In short time, modern gambling has made great strides forward, continues to develop, providing gamers with great opportunities to win.